In the last few years Athens has been one of the most visited places in Europe

In the last few years Athens has been one of the most visited places in Europe, due to all the beauties it possesses, even so Santorini is an island that is a little longer than Athens, but awakens the curiosity of everyone found in Greece, there are many options to move from one place to another, but the fastest is by ferry, the price is higher, but you just need to wait around for a few hours in order to reach your destination, which for tourists is much better, because in this way can take advantage of the two destinations and multiply the opportunities for unforgettable experiences. The ferry allows you to move to different places such as Andros that  is the northernmost island and the second largest of the Cyclades. Those who prefer a less crowded landscape will feel satisfied by choosing to Andros. Two hours (or even in a high-speed boat from Rafina), the island offers several options to any person fascinated by the archaeological and cultural heritage, Venetian tower-houses, trails and “emasies”, hillsides transformed into staggered forms with the use of stone walls.

There are three main settlements: the main city Time, also known as Andros, is full of mansions neocalsicales and a cosmopolitan atmosphere; Gavrio is the main port with several connections to Rafina, every day; Batsi is a fishing village with a smaller port and tourist centers that are animated. Sandy, accessible beaches are found mainly in the western part of the island. Those who prefer the quiet with the rough landscape must prove the northeastern part or southeast. On the other hand we have to Chania is the second largest city of Crete, situated in the northwest of the island and the most evocative of the island. The city is divided into two parts: the old town and the modern city. The Venetian influence and turkish marks the old town. A Venetian quarter of picturesque streets leads to a single port. Some of the venetian tower-houses have been restored to house boutique hotels and good restaurants. The old mosque in the port adds to the charm of the city. Chania has some of the best restaurants on an island that boasts of its cuisine. Spend a few days in the old town is totally satisfying. Consider it also as a transit point before touring the Samaria Gorge.

By ferry you can visit the port city of Piraeus, Greece, sits on the Saronic Gulf, in the Attica region of the country and forms part of the urban area of Athens, with the center of Athens at 12 km from the port. The center of Piraeus is usually congested traffic and is usually not a place that tourists go. The area has many of the facilities expected of a tourist area: banks, public buildings, pedestrian areas, streets to buy and others. The area around sea Marina and Port of Mikrolimano are probably the most attractive areas of Piraeus and have a good selection of restaurants, cafés and bars.  Piraeus is the main port of Greece, the biggest in Europe and the third largest in the world. Of course, it is the center of the maritime industry of Greece and the basis of its merchant marine. Having recently undergone renovation, the port’s facilities have improved and include automatic teller machines, currency exchange, restaurants, cafés, bars and a large amount of travel agencies that sell ferry tickets. The destinations that offers the port include the island of Crete, the Cyclades islands, the Dodecanese islands, the parts of the eastern Greece and parts of the north and east of the Aegean Sea. The ferries connect  Greece to Cyclades and is operated by 5 ferry companies, many options can help if you want to move more cheaply or paying a little more, is good to do a price comparison to fit your pocket, before everything you need to make a reservation, taking into account the departure time of the same, when you have chosen the perfect navigation they will send you an email as confirmation, and thus maintain order in all its users.

All ferries handle traverses for up to 16 times per week, and each one has a combination of 49 outputs that are available in the path of the Piraeus Thira between Athens and the Cyclades, offered by 5 ferry companies, it is advisable to compare them all to make sure you get the best price at the time you wish to travel. The season of the year affects ticket prices, these increase during the months of September, October, November and December, this is due to the large influx of people in these months of the year, generally in those days people have more time, and use it by visiting fantastic places, as well as is Santorini. One of the best options is to go by ferry so you can enjoy the landscape with more peace of mind, giving you a different experience to tourists, as well as ferries allow you to carry all the accessories that possess it, since they are very permissive. Another important point is that it does not prevent you from being able to travel with your pets, if they are also a member of the family, it makes no sense for a trip does not allow to take them with you, so it is an excellent option for all those who have pets and do not want to leave at home. If you are not sure what the route from Athens to Santorini is the right one for you or you can’t decide between the various ferry companies, if there is more than one, you might find it helpful to read the reviews about all the places you have available a ferry, it is always advisable that you leave your review on the ferries from Athens to Santorini. Remember, however, that the earlier reservation, most likely you will have to find affordable prices. So don’t miss out on too much time deciding! Athens to Santorini is a very popular route, so we advise you to book as soon as possible.